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New Hampshire - Vermont District UPCI 
We are excited that you would take a few moments to check and see what we have going on. The two states we serve are very diverse. We have many small towns, beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers. We have several college towns. In southern New Hampshire, there are larger more densely populated areas. 

Our District has focused its efforts to welcome people into God’s Family through what we call the 20/20 vision. We are trying to establish 20 works in New Hampshire and 20 works in Vermont by the year 2030. We are excited to be half way to this goal! We have 14 self-governing churches, 3 daughter-works, and 3 preaching points.
Our District is working together to see this vision become a reality by building churches based on God’s definition of success. God wants to present unto Himself a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. We will see this happen through our District when we are able to attract people to God, guide people through Biblical salvation, disciple them, and then see those we disciple become disciple makers themselves.

If you are planning to visit our two states, we would love to have you worship with us in one of our churches. Our District is family oriented and get together regularly. If you are just checking out our website, please pray with us that the Lord will send laborers to join us in evangelizing New Hampshire and Vermont. We have amazing laborers currently working in our mission field, but the amount of opportunities leave us needing as much help as we can get. As you pray for us, maybe the Lord will call you to this amazing frontier of evangelism.
Rev. Jason McAllister, NH-VT District Superintendent

NH -  VT  District  Leadership 

NH-VT District Superintendent 

Rev. Jason McAllister

NH-VT District Secretary 

Rev. Errol Hinton

NH-VT District Presbyter

A - NH  Rev. JT Keller

NH-VT District Presbyter

B -  VT  Mark Loseby

NH-VT District Presbyter

C - At Large

Rev. Daniel McAllister

District Honorary Board Memebers
Rev.  John Tremblay
Rev.  David Howe